Doula Services for Incarcerated Women Research

Over this weekend, I have researched doulas inside a prison. I didn’t know the purpose of doulas in a prison and the process of giving birth in prison. In class, Hailey did mention pregnant women in prison are handcuffed to a bed. I thought this piece of information was very upsetting.

First, I researched women giving birth in prison. Many women have given birth in prison, in a jail cell alone, and they are planning to sue the prison. According to CWLA, Babies Behind Bars’ article, 3% of women in state prisons are pregnant at sentencing. Women who are pregnant while in jail are at a higher risk of having health problems. In addition to the lack of healthcare services provided for pregnant women who are in custody, according to NCBI’s doula perspective study. 

Next, I researched doulas working with pregnant women in prisons. I came across a book online called Public Health Nursing; the study on doulas helping pregnant women inside jails. 18 women volunteered for the study, while 14 women expressed their concern for doula services to be available. Doulas help women with emotional support, birth planning and prenatal education. Nurses in jail do not provide these things for pregnant women.

After researching, I have learned that doulas are needed inside prisons for pregnant women. It provides a better environment, and women feel someone cares for them in their current state.

UPDATE 1: November 4, 2019

Today I did research on prison doulas and searched for social media pages that talked about doulas. When conducting research I found detailed information on the mission of doulas inside the prison, how they help women and educate them on childbirth. I also learned doulas can help women postpartum, after birth. Some Organizations have programs set up to help women after they are released from prison to help them stay on track.

My mission to find the social media pages was a success. Hailey said it would be great to follow some of these pages for our group’s social media page. I have a list of pages found

  1. Doula Chronicles (Instagram)
  2. The Afro Queen (Women’s Health Advocate/Instagram)
  3. National black doulas (Instagram)
  4. Atlanta Doula Group (Facebook)

UPDATE 2: November 11, 2019

Today I created our social media account on Instagram. We wanted to create a Facebook, but I was experiencing trouble, so we just stuck with Instagram. Once I created the page I posted a picture of our logo and added our event.

I began the research paper part of the project.

UPDATE 3: November 18, 2019

Today I conducted research on my paper. I choose Michigan Prison Doula and Ancient Song Doula Services. I choose both organizations because they seemed like both had a good mission. I studied both websites and wrote notes.

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